Emergency Management and Preparedness Offerings

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Emergency Management PLanning

— Development of a complete emergency  management and preparedness plan that encompasses preparedness, response, and recovery for all the organization's operations, locations, employees, customers, and media response.  We do complete CMS Emergency Preparedness plans for your agency. 

Business Continuity Planning

— Development and implementation of a Business Continuity plan that ensures continuity of operations post disaster as required by regulators, industry standards,  or insurance. 

3rd party emergency managment

— A complete emergency management solution that incorporates access to an on-call emergency manager, emergency management plan, employee training, plan testing, and other emergency preparedness, response,and recovery resources.   

Tabletop and Facility Exercises

— Test your emergency management and response plan through either tabletop or facility based exercises. We can facilitate  exercises with outside stakeholders. Our exercises fulfill regulatory compliance for the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule. 

Crisis Leadership Development

 — Effective leadership during a crisis is key to the success of an organizations response and ability to recover. Learn how to effectively manage an internal or external incident and use leadership tools to guide your organization's recovery. 

Active Shooter/Active Threat

— Does your organization have an effective plan in place to respond to an Active Threat/Active Shooter incident? We can conduct a security assessment, teach staff what to do in an Active Threat situation, and how to recover in the immediate aftermath. We also offer life-saving, practical first responder medical training for your staff in the form of "Stop The Bleed" courses. 

Incident Manager

— Is your organization preparing for or in the midst of a disaster or a crisis and needing effective incident management to respond effectively and recover? We can provide emergency management direction and oversight to work in coordination with your management. 

EMergency Preparedness Presentations

—One hour long, these presentations are the perfect educational opportunity to schedule for group meetings, lunch, or after work. Subjects can range from earthquake preparedness, how to create an effective emergency preparedness kit and more.