Security Management

Active shooter. Hostile intruders. Vehicle borne threats

Recent events that have shown that critical incidents can occur anywhere with no warning.  It is imperative therefore that individuals are properly trained to be able to respond to these incidents as well as quickly identify what do to assist law enforcement and help injured bystanders. Ready Northwest offers training and education courses taught by professionals who have experience responding to these types of events who can provide services to your business to prepare your employees, management staff, and executives for these crisis events.


Active shooter/hostile event training

An active shooter/hostile event response (ASHER) can occur at anytime. Ready Northwest has developed an education and training program to train staff on what to do during an ASHER event. If you are needing your facility to be NFPA 3000 compliant, we can assist. We have various options available for your staff including educational presentations, Stop The Bleed training, and an 8 hour training course taught by law enforcement staff consisting of classroom based presentations and a real life drill. 


Workplace Safety and security

Not all safety and security concerns will escalate to a critical event.  Ready Northwest offers Workplace Safety and Security presentations where we discuss workplace safety concerns such as how to deal with irate customers, de-escalation techniques, and providing security assessments of your workplace. We also partner with CPR providers to offer CPR/First Aid/AED training to your employees. 


crisis management

When a critical incident occurs at your workplace, not only do employees have to respond to the incident, management has to respond to inquiries from the media, employees, shareholders, and customers. How do you effectively manage a crisis incident that reaches social media? How do you proceed through the recovery process of rebuilding and resuming operations after an incident. Ready Northwest has experienced crisis managers who can assist company executives to respond to a crisis and assist them through the process.